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Melville Koppies Nature Reserve

Johannesburg, South Africa

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CDs of Melville Koppies

These are ideal souvenirs/gifts with a special 'African' flavour at only R50 each or R400 for an 8GB flashdisk with the whole set of eleven CDs. Contact or 011 482 4797 for orders.


1. Overview of Melville Koppies

An introductory 'tour' of the cultural and natural wonders of this urban Nature Reserve and Johannesburg Heritage Site. This CD covers the flora, fauna, geology, grasses, trees, flowers and bird ringing. Cultural aspects touched on include Iron Age and Stone Age relics, modern history, African Independent churches, education, research, tours and management.

2. Archaeology and History of Melville Koppies

A wide sweep of 'not quite human' and human occupation from 500 000 years ago to the present. This is the cultural heritage of the Koppies. Archaeological excavations uncovered a rich legacy here from Early, Middle, and Late Stone Age up to the more recent Iron Age. Modern History starts from the 19th Century.

3. Geology of Melville Koppies

The 3 billion year old rock formations are introduced by photos, diagrams, tables and maps. Heritage includes the preservation of these ancient formations which are a geologist's delight.

4. Flowers of Melville Koppies

A collection of spectacular photos of most of the indigenous veld flowers of Melville Koppies. The photos include the botanic name, common name and flowering times of each flower. A booklet at R20 on 'Flowering times on the Melville Koppies' is also available.

5. Trees and shrubs of Melville Koppies

Highveld indigenous trees need to be hardy to survive which means they are frost, fire and drought resistant. The CD has photos of the whole tree with botanic, family and common name. Most of the tree specimens have detailed photos of the bark, leaves, flowers and fruit as well. There is also a section on alien invasive plants.

6. Environmental Management of Melville Koppies

This CD covers all aspects of managing an urban nature reserve and heritage site e.g. maintenance, publicity, sustainable usage, etc.

7. Fauna of Melville Koppies

An introduction to some of the surviving fauna that have escaped man's predation. The PP includes mammals, reptiles, spiders and scorpions, insects and birds.

8. Ecology of Melville Koppies

The fascinating relationship of abiotic and biotic factors with the environment of Melville Koppies. This is orientated to the senior school Life Sciences syllabus.

9. Joburg from Melville Koppies

Photos with captions of historic sites of Joburg seen from the panoramic view from Melville Koppies.

10. Proteas of Melville Koppies

11. The Westdene Spruit

From its source in Hurst Hill to its confluence with the Montgomery spruit at Tana Road.

There is also a Birthday Calendar which has an indigenous flower for every month.


'I have just glanced through a few of your CDs and I have to write immediately and congratulate you on an absolutely fantastic production. I had no idea how extensive each one of the nine discs would be and how much information they impart. They must have been an enormous amount of work for you and David to produce and I am filled with admiration for both the content and the presentation. The only problem is they are a very daunting prospect for my own intended efforts with the Magaliesberg! This is a genuine occasion to use the otherwise over-worked word "awesome."' Vincent Carruthers. Renowned environmental specialist and author

'I think you have captured the huge diversity, historical and ecological importance of Melville Koppies beautifully.' Dr Duncan Macfadyen. Research and Conservation Manager for EOSON